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It does what it supposed to do and not COVER BATTERIA PER iPhone XS/X/10 4000mAh Custodia Ricaricabile 2 much more. The scanner really struggles with foil cards. You can also just cover e protezioniCarrefour cover samsung j3 2016 silicone 3d check the box next to when viewing all the cards which completely eliminates the need for the scanner. It would be nice to see this expand to older cards (especially XY era, Cover iPhone 7 Plus neraMiss Tackle as those are still readily available) Colore a tinta unita con custodia del telefono cuore per le donne and reverse holo cards counting separately from the regular. Perhaps there could be a new completion number: Master Set (all cards + all reverses from the set).

The app is awesome. I only have two issues. one being that we cannot log into our trainer club account and the second is that we are only able Come Scegliere la Cover dell'iPhone – Riparo Store – Riparazione to access card packs to a certain point. I have cards that are older than Sun and Moon and I Custodia Power Bank REMAX Penen Series per iPhone X – MaticShop love to be able to see them in the app.

Fantastic app that does it purpose. Though it does show pokemon company is out of touch with its community. This isn what anyone wanted. People want to collect and PLAY pokemon on mobile. Once you add that cover samsung galaxy j5 2015 tumblr Cover iPhone 6/6s 7 e 8 MOSCHINO original in 35133 Vigodarzere for feature everyone will be on board.

Like most before me, its a good app but missing some things. It would be nice to include reverse holos and a way to cloud save incase we need to delete the app and reinstall. Hopefully past sets will be Le mie cover ❤Iphone6plus❤ 2# – YouTube included in future updates

This app is higher quality compared to other cover samsung note 4 originale apps of this kind but it needs 2 things that i hope come very soon or at all 1. Adding more older sets from base set onward (bc it only has s sets rn) 2. Giving the option to select what type of card you have (normal, reverse, or holo) i like trying to get master sets so id like to be able to look at the app cover samsung j3 6 2016 and see if i have a lets say regular charizard card, and also its reverse form and holo form, it would make cover samsung s2 cellulare it Cover iPhone XS cover samsung tab 3 10.1 Max yellowhammer Le migliori cover per iPhone easier (which is the MAXFE.CO 3X Cover iPhone 6s iPhone 6 Custodia Silicone Morbido point)..