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Warriors batten down for smithy brawl

Warriors batten down for smithy brawl

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‚He’s getting closer to being a man': Tiger Woods at Wimbledon on Friday night

‚Who needs to know': What yo더킹카지노u need to know about Serena Williams

Tiger Woods was on court playing with his dad and his mother during a championship match, and was asked if he was enjoying it. ‚It doesn’t get any better than winning the first event of the week,‘ he quipped. The golfer replied: ‚It’s a little different but it’s very enjoyable….I love it, but I appreciate tjarvees.comhat it takes a few more years.‘

His coach, Nick Saban, is in Los Angeles for the Olympics this month and there is growing talk of Woods‘ possible return as coach of the U.S. Women’s Tennis Team at Rio Games. But Tiger, though his playing career is over, isn’t about to be pushed around.

‚It’s not that I don’t want to compete,‘ Tiger said during a session on Friday at the U.S. Open. ‚But I really want to think about how I can work with (my family). I want to go out there and prove my worth to them so we can get them everything. And I won’t go anywhere else. If I’m in Los Angeles at the Olympics, I’m ready. I’ll come back.‘

The 28-year-old, ranked No. 2 by the WTA in the world, is set to make his first visit to Japan next week for the Nike Masters at Hotto Mae Dun. Woods has been a frequent visitor to the country in recent years and has been the face of a golf industry marketing campaign, which has made him a national treasure.

‚They’re going to give it to the best players,‘ Woods said.

It will be great to meet Serena again, but the focus is on playing to win, he said. ‚There’s no way we’re playing to win, we’re always going to try to make it to the final.‘