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Bundaberg hospital shifting patients south to ease overcrowding

Bundaberg hospital shifting patients south to ease overcrowding


A critical mass of doctors have arrived in Bundaberg to treat the worst acute shortage in three decades as they rush to shift patients away from overcrowded, hospital-like facilities in their area of the city.

The regional health board has said all its primary care and general practice hospitals are expected to be operating on Saturday a더킹카지노nd all its skilled nursing and allied health services will be operating on Monday.

A total of 6,380 doctors, 1,620 pharmacists, 888 nurses and 4,000 other health workers have registered to move on to work at Bundaberg hospital, where the health directorate, Brisbane Area Medical Council, has been preparing for the crisis.

The region has been under a state-wide government-ordered health plan since 2010, which imposed the biggest overhaul of the state’s primary care hospital systems since Queensland’s state health board created it.

The overhaul has seen the creation of 40 new primary care centres, the creation of more than 500 more family and care home centres, a 25 per cent increase in the number of skilled nursing facilities and a rise in the number of community health officers to support community health services.

The biggest concern has been the sheer number of beds expected to be in need of medical attention in hospital-like institutions.

The hospital system in regional Victoria is already coping with 2,100 primary care beds, the same as it was in 2010.

Dr Peter Hirsch, chief executive officer of the Bundaberg Regional Health Boar우리카지노d, said on Thursday that the regional health board was now preparing emergency operations centres and a community health officer to assist community health services on Friday afternoon.

„We believe this has become a crisis area so we need to start prioritising urgent medical at바카라사이트tention for those patients who need care right now. They may come in tomorrow and we need to assess whether or not they are in the right place,“ Dr Hirsch told Lateline.

„In the event that people are in the right place, we will provide intensive emergency and specialist care for them at the appropriate moment, which we will do in the most appropriate ways.“

As of Friday evening, there were 5,100 beds in the Bundaberg hospital system, and the Brisbane area medical council’s health directorate had declared emergency, and was on Saturday preparing to shift some emergency care facilities to Bundaberg hospitals, including emergency units to meet increasing demand.

Bureaucrats at Bundaberg Hospital, for example